A Sports Day Without a Victory Stand

Timira Gupta Sports day brings back memories for everyone. How it was always held in winter – the hot sun rising slowly above our heads as the day rolled by, playing its own game with the cool breeze that blew across the ground as a respite to the streams of sweat that trickled down the side of children's foreheads. And how at any given point in time, there were groups of children in different corners of the ground. Some in position for their 100m sprint, others warming up for 400m, some stretching before their long jump into the sand pit and a tiny group always huddled at the Glucon-D stall hydrating themselves after their run. Most of the other children were stationed in the cool shade of the stands watching all the action and screaming and cheering for their House to win. If you were a child who always sat watching in the stands, you would know the urge to want to step onto the sports ground, even if you did it as part of the march-past squad, a sports drill or at the end of the
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